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25 Jan 2016

Useful Tips for Office and Commercial Shifting

Posted on: 1st April 2014

You are the owner of your business and want to move your office to a location where you can expand it keeping the current scenario that has taken over the entire market, which is the cut-throat competition. Shifting your office from the current location to another is not an easy task as it involves various steps to be taken care of in an effective manner. You have to be cautious enough to handle every step. You would come across so many people who are shifting their offices to a new location due to some reason or the other, but the most clichéd one is the growth aspect.

Below mentioned are some important questions you need to ask yourself:

• Would you prefer moving at night or on a weekend?

• Would you require your office building’s elevator for moving your office furniture, etc?

• Would you want to get your computers packed?

• When are your connections to be transferred to your new office such as phone and internet?

There are other relevant questions which you have to ask as they are necessary.

There are some useful tips which you have to take into consideration for office and commercial shifting. They are as follows:

1. Stay Organized – As you are aware of the fact that office relocation is a tough job to be carried out, you would have to set some deadlines so that the entire office shifting process becomes easy and smooth. You have to take a decision about the number of employees and the roles allotted to them.

2. What to do with the Furniture? – There must be some old furniture pieces lying in your current office. You have to decide whether to sell them or take them to your new office. You can sell your furniture if you want to save money.

3. Hire the Packers and Movers – Get in touch with several professional packers and movers and obtain their moving quotes. Once you have gathered them all, compare the quotes and choose the one which is more cost-effective.

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