Are Goods have been packed by Myself will Insured by Movers and Packers Company

I Am Little Bit Confused And Want To Ask A Question That, Those Goods Have Been Packed By Myself Will Insured By Movers And Packers Company Or Not?

Asked by: Nihal Agarkar on 14th May 2015, under category Local Shifting, 2511 Views

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Author : Mukesh Singh

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Answered on 15th May 2015


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Well, you have asked a very interesting question because not many people are aware that if goods are packed by them, then they are liable to get an insurance from the packers and movers or an insurance company or not. If you pack the items by yourself, then your goods will not be insured by a moving company. This is because they are not hundred per cent sure that goods packed by yourself will be packed in a proper manner using the quality materials. If however, the items are packed by the relocation service providers, then you will be provided with a best insurance coverage.

However, if you want a transit insurance, then you will get it because ultimately it is responsibility of movers and packers to transport the goods to your new destination in a timely manner.

I hope that any doubts will not remain in your mind after the answer.

Thanks and Happy Shifting!!


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