Im planning to relocate within delhi

Im Planning To Relocate Within Delhi But I Want To Send Only The Major Household Items Like Dining Table, Refrigerator, Washing Machine Tc By The Truck. He Rest I'll Manage Myself. Will I Be Charged The Same?

Asked by: Jatin Dabas on 4th April 2015, under category Local Shifting, 1915 Views

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Author : Mukesh Singh

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Answered on 7th April 2015

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From your question, it seems that you are undertaking a local relocation. Well, to your delight, you will not be charged the same, but my question here is are you capable enough to undertake the task of packing and moving all by yourself. The list of the items that you have mentioned here to be shifted is the bigger or heavier items and it will require a big truck to get them shifted. The point to be noted here is that charges depend upon the two most important factors, which are:

·         Distance of the new place


·         Number of the items to be shifted


·         Size of the vehicle (Big or Small)


If you are planning to relocate within Delhi, then you will not be required to pay the entire. The amount that you will have to pay will depend upon taking into the consideration the above mentioned factors. However, I would strongly suggest you to think double times whether or not you can manage all the packing tasks yourself as it is a professional task and your goods are also priceless.


So, avail the best services of reliable packers and movers in Delhi and feel stress free.


Happy Moving!!


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