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How to avoid Fraud and Scam Done by Movers and Packers

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When you are searching for packers and movers, you should be aware about rogue movers. Rogue movers and packers are companies that do not operate the companies according the government's rules and standards. They do not follow the ethical process and have no professional manners also.

Rogue movers or you can say fraud movers and packers company may hold your goods hostage in an illegal manner after agreeing to provide the service at low cost. They demand higher amount for releasing your goods. 

Unfortunately so many people become victim of these fraud moving companies. Every year more than 50 thousand people move their vehicle or goods from one place to another place and it is not surprising that many people are getting affected by these fraud and illegal companies. By knowing the warning signs and being informative following red flag, you can avoid the dealing with rogue movers. 

Unprofessional Phone Etiquette:-

When you call the movers and packers company, people who give the answer of the call, should be courteous and have professional ethics. Beware if she or he uses generic greetings like movers and packers rather than using the company name. Another sign is if your phone is every time transferred on an answer machine, then you are not in touch with anyone. Reliable and professional company will provide you their phone number and address. If phone is transferred to an answer machine, then a short welcome message should be there with company name. 

No Onsite Survey:-

Avoid the movers and packers company that does not agrees to evaluate your goods onsite or you can say not agrees to give an in house estimate. If an estimate is provided to you over a phone, then they might be rogue movers looking to make quick money. Reputable packers and movers company always asks for an in house survey to give the better cost estimate of your household shifting. During the in house survey, you should observe the activities of movers and packers.

Cash Upfront:-

Be aware if the movers and packers ask large amount of cash deposit before the move. If you pay large cash deposit, then they might run away with your money. 

Check Website of Packers and Movers:-

Before making any commitment with movers and packers, you should check their website. Search their website by physical address or phone number. If you don’t find the proper information, then they might be rogue movers. If they don’t have any information on website, then you might be better off to choose another movers and packers.

Negative Review and Rating:-

Another better way to identify the rogue  movers or fraud moving and packing company is by checking reviews online posted by last served client. There are lots of online sites that provide good information against the fake moving companies like ,,,consumerforum, you can ask last served client number to verify about the services of a relocation service provider. If you find a negative review, then do not seek services of that particular company.

Low Estimate Costs:-

Rogue movers always give low estimate cost because nobody can stop them to raise the money after take the goods from your home. It is better to take estimate from 2 to 3 companies and compare which one is offering a reasonable rate. 

Unmarked Vehicle 

You can identify the rogue movers by checking the fleet of movers and packers if they are using a rental truck or an unmarked vehicle, then they might be rogue movers. Avoid to use services of these movers and packers.

Author : Mukesh Singh

on 15th May 2015 - Moving Expert

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