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How to Pack Computer When Move your household goods

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When you are ready for move you household goods you need to pack your desktop Computer which is most important. Your computer has lot off record about your personal and financial document.

What you need to pack the computer

Original Computer packing

Permanent Marker

Tap roll

Small and medium size boxes

How to pack your Computer

When you relocate from one location to another location before pack the computer you should take back up of your Computer it might be risk during the move your storage may be crash or damage.

Before dismantle the computer there should be not attached any disk file, external storage memory with  computer tower. Once they clear you shut down your computer.

Before removing any wires thought want to label them. simply rap the wire with tap and label them which part computer its belong. Then put all the wire in box and label that with permanent marker.

You need take care most when you are packing the scanner, fax, and printer. Removed the ink and cartridge tonner from these items and put these items separately in poly bag.The wire of these items should remove from the computer as we discuss before.

Once you have prepared the computer and its components. Actually packing you can start now.You should put the entire computer in computer original boxes if you have. If you don’t have you should wrap each components of computer with cargo sheet carefully .

After wrapping the computer put it into the box and marks them with permanents marker.

If don’t want to pack your computer yourself you can take the service from packers and movers they will pack you computer with professional manner. but at the time of packing the computer you should remove all the part and shut down your computer yourself because you cant take risk to handover your personal system to any one .

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