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Introduction to Packing Materials

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Introduction Packing Material

When you plan to move you need to keep some moving material with us during the relocation process. You should have enough knowledge or familiar with moving material. You should keep enough quantity of material with you. Here are some list of commonly used packing and moving material.


Cardboard boxes most needed item in relocation process, these boxes are durable, cheap and available in all size and many variety. They are perfect container to carry the many type household goods. Below mention some type of boxes

Document Boxes:-- these are small type box use to carry the file and document when you move from one place to another place so your all important will remain safe and secure.

Large Size Boxes:-- these boxes commonly used to pack the heavy item and like juicer and other electronic item used in kitchen.

Lighting and lamp boxes: -- these type of boxes used to pack the fancy light and lamp those are very precious item.

Picture packing Boxes: -- these boxes used to put your frame work and picture art. These type of boxes very adjustable in size perfect to keep safe your art work during the move.

Protective Material for Protect The household Item:

To avoid the damage of household goods during the move you need to use some protective material .here some of list of the protective material

 News paper:-- used to cover the fragile and fear to broken item like glass ware item and crockery item.

Cargo Sheet & Air bubble: -- these materials used to cover the heavy item like furniture item and other large pieces to prevent the scratches.

Thermo coal:-- this material used to cover the corner of heavy electronic item like washing machine, refrigerator, etc.

Labeling of you packed material:

This is essential part of your move. You should label each and every item. it will help you to identify the which item I have to take care  most when unload the goods from truck. Below we define some label material.

Permanent marker:-- use permanent mark to mark the boxes

Packing Tape:--- tap are used to seal the boxes and to avoid the enforcement of heavy item we can use this bottom of the box as well 

Author : Mukesh Singh

on 9th January 2014 - Moving Expert

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