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24th June 2015

Everything you want to know about Bill of Lading?

Posted on: 24th June 2015

So, you have got some success in finding the reliable relocation service providers in Chennai and you are about to sign an agreement with them. However, are you important about the fact that there are lots of formalities in terms of the paperwork that you have to go through. There are plenty of documents that you have to read carefully and then sign on the dotted line. One of the most important documents that forms a vital part of any relocation service provider in the city is bill of lading.


A bill of lading is essentially a contract between the customer and packers and movers in Chennai. In the contract the terms and conditions of the movement of the goods from one location to another location is listed. There may be a chance that you may have never heard of this particular term. So, after going through this blog, you will get a better understanding about the bill of lading and its usefulness.


The shifting service providers in the city mention in the bill of lading about the location from where the goods will be picked and the new destination where the items will be delivered. For instance, if you are moving to an international location for further studies or for the job purpose, then in the bill of lading documents various things will be mentioned such as your name, address, condition of the items and name of the ship on which the belongings will be loaded. It will also contain the total cost that you have to pay for the transportation of the items.


A very important point, you must not sign the bill of lading without reading it in a proper manner. This is because if there is any mistake in the contract, then there is great percentage of chances that it may lead to some dispute during the transit. So, go through the contract carefully and if any hidden cost or mistakes catches your attention, then get is immediately rectified by the packers and movers in Chennai.


One of the main purposes of the moving companies to formulate the lading contract is that it serves as a legal document as well as the receipt that the goods will be delivered or shipped to your new destination in a very safe and sound manner.

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