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22nd May 2015

Items That Must Not be Packed While You Relocate

Posted on: 22nd May 2015

Mumbai, also known as the ‘City of Dreams’ is an exquisite city, that mesmerizes the people with its captivating beauty. A lot of people visit or throng the city either to head start their career in Bollywood or work in the big renowned multinational corporate houses. Whatever may be the reason of shifting, a very important thing that cannot be neglected here is the requirement of a professional relocation service provider. Shifting of the items from one location to another place can certainly turn out to be a chaotic if you try your hands on it without the help or guidance of the packers and movers in Mumbai. If you do not carry out the packing activity in a proper manner or pack the prohibited goods, then you can end up in BIG mess. Your valuable goods would get damaged and you may have to suffer a huge financial strain.

There are people who want to get every type of item packed and transported but such goods get ruined due to some reason or the other. Furthermore, some valuable items can suffer from theft or may get stolen. In order to shield yourself from any unwanted and unpleasant situation, it is recommended that you should consider the tips regarding the goods, which should not be packed at all while making the plans of relocation.

Below are some of the things recommended by the packers and movers in Mumbai, which you should not consider for packing while shifting your household goods:

Perishable Goods – If you are moving to a distant location, you should not pack food and plants at all. Such items can get easily spoiled or become rotten if they are not properly taken care of. Ensure that you take out all the food items from the refrigerator, one or two days in advance before the shifting day.

Valuable Items – You should not pack valuable items such as camera, credit cards, jewelry, cheque books, airline tickets, etc in a moving box and send them away. The packers and movers in Mumbai highly recommend storing these items in a plastic box and keeping it with you throughout the move.

Emotional Items – Your memories are suppressed in photo albums. You should take utmost care that these items, which hold a great value in your life, should be shifted by you personally. You would find it very tough to replace such items if they get lost (god forbid).

Sharp Products – Items like knives, slicing equipments and other appliances can prove to be damaging for other items and must not be carried along during relocation. You should let the professionals pack such sharp items.

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