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19th March 2018

Duties of Packers and Movers You May Not Know

Posted on: 19th March 2018

There are lots of people who have a misconception that the duties of the packers and movers only consist of packing the items in the robust boxes and delivering them to the desired location or address of the individuals. There is no doubt that packing and transporting the items involves a major activity in the moving industry, but you may really surprised to know that there are various other activities or better say duties as well, which the relocation service providers provide to the esteemed clients. If you are not aware of the prime responsibilities of the shifting companies, then the following points will really help you out to transport your goods in a hassle free and smooth manner.

Sealing the Goods and Transporting Them:-

The relocation service providers must understand shipment procedure, and according to shipment needs they seal every box or container using different materials including packing tape, glue, nails or fasteners. Once they have accomplished packing task, they are also responsible for loading items and products on to skids safely. It’s not the end of packers’ responsibilities; they are accountable for transporting packages to the shipment location or client’s vehicles.

Clerical Duties:-

Wherever you live in India, every packer is responsible for completing clerical tasks, besides packing items. For example, you live in Pune and have hired local packers and movers companies, they will count or weigh every item before they seal boxes and transport them to another area. They conduct inspection during the packing process and carefully examine every product, box and container to ensure they are not broken and packaging specifications are met. If any damaged or defective product is there, they set the item aside instead of packed in boxes or container. 

Packer Considerations:-

Typically, a packer needs to have packaging experience or certification to work with the shifting companies in your region or at any other location in India. However, a little experience or packaging skills are required to qualify for the job. An individual, who is well aware of all the required skills, details of packaging and is able to perform the tasks successfully, can join moving agency and become a packer.

Thus, these are some of the prominent responsibilities carried out the well known shifting service providers. It is pivotal that you must have an excellent knowledge about these duties to ensure the easy and stress free delivery of your priceless belongings.

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