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23rd March 2015

How I Arranged for Moving Boxes in Cost Effective Manner

Posted on: 23rd March 2015

Last week, I had purchased my dream home in the enchanting city of Delhi. After the completion of all the renovation work, the time finally came to move into the new house. As I was a resident of Pune, I began to think how I will be able to pack household items and move them damage free. As I was chatting with one of friends online, she gave me the excellent idea of hiring the professional services of packers and movers in Pune for stress-free relocation.

At first, I was against the idea of seeking the assistance of the relocation service providers because I was on a tight budget. I had spent most of my hard earned money on purchasing a new house. With a minimum amount of bank balance left, I decided to pack the items myself. However, when I began to pack the items, in few hours, I felt tired and irritated. I immediately picked up the phone and contacted one of the top packers and movers in the city.

While contacting the moving company, I told them about the kind of services I require from their end but at an affordable cost. They advised me to arrange the moving boxes and packing materials as this will certainly help me a lot to save some bucks. I thanked them for giving me a good idea. However, in the moment of joy, I forgot to ask them from where I can arrange the boxes. Anyways, I rang them again and they offered me some sound advice on the various sources from where I arranged the boxes.

First of all, I went to my local grocery shop. I had a very friendly relation with the shopkeeper as I was his regular customer. I told him about my problem and he immediately agreed to help me. He gave me three empty boxes and I thanked him and went straight to the home. As I began to pack, I found that three boxes were not all enough. To sort out the problem, I asked the admin of office whether he has some empty boxes on which the new laptops or other electronic gadgets used to come. He said yes, there were five boxes with him. I took the boxes and packed the goods in an efficient manner as directed by best packers and movers in Pune.

On the day of relocation, the professional staff of the moving company labeled the boxes, loaded them into the vehicle and started to move. Upon reaching Delhi, they assisted me a lot to unpack items and make my work really comfortable.

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