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How to Pack a Sofa

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When you move one state to another state with domestic packers and movers there is chance to get scratched some item like sofa and other furniture. You should know how to pack your sofa when you move one state to another state.

Let us discus what are things you should do to protect your sofa

Hire a professional packers and movers

When you hire movers and packers should be experienced and professional one. They should have knowledge how pack sofa what are the material uses to pack the sofa. When you hire packers and movers you should asked question how to pack furniture item what are the material you use to pack the furniture item like sofa,bed and table etc.

There are three way to protect the sofa before move sofa.

First one is simple there are couch protect cover is available in market.

Second one is cover the couch with cargo sheet and with tap roll

Third one is very professional way and very secures to protect the sofa to get damage. First covers the sofa with micro foam next cover it with cargo sheet and taping it with properly. Finish it with shrink-wrapping.

If you follow above mention technique to pack the sofa now your sofa is protect fully you can load your sofa on truck without any tension.

Author : Mukesh Singh

on 15th March 2015 - Moving Expert

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