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How to pack household item and estimate of weight when moving

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When you are relocating from one location another you want to know the weight of your leaving room and all items. The exact weight totally depends on the content. what are the content you have in your house. There are some common things lets discus weight and cubic Feet.





Cubic Feet

Flat TV (Small)



Flat TV(Medium)



Flat TV (large)



Sofa Set 3 seater



Sofa Set 5 seater



Double Bed with Box






TV Stand



Curtain Rod



Window AC  Single



How to Pack Sofa

Remove the cushion from sofa and wrap with cargo sheet, plastic paper then use roll tap to pack the sofa and take care taping could not come direct contact with sofa. it should be cover and then use the tap roll . Use air bubble to cover the sofa and make it secure packing.

Packing of Electronic item

First remove all the CD and DVD from the System. You should use original packing of electronic item if it possible if it is not possible you should use boxes to pack the electronic item. Remove all the cable and wrap it in paper and mark name on cable wrap so you can easily identify the wire. Before put into the box all electronic items should cover the secure paper and use thermo coal in corner. Mention on Box with marker fragile item.

Packing picture and mirror item

When you are packing your picture and mirror item keep face down. Wrap it in thick cargo sheet taping the item. To make extra secure make one wrap with air bubble and again cover it with tapping. You can purchase special mirror and picture box. It’s come into two pieces which fit into the frame of the picture.


Packing of Books during the move

Pack the books in small boxes because if you use large boxes to pack the book it may collapse during the move. Cover the bottom of box with taping to make it extra secure. Label the box. 

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