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An Unbelievable Increase in the Movers and Packers Companies Getting Registered

There is a good news for all the people who looking for the reliable, safe and reputable packers and movers services in India. There has been a news, which is doing the rounds that a large number of packers and movers across the country are now getting registered. This piece of news will indeed bring a smile into the faces of the people who had to lose their valuable materials from the hands of the fake movers and packers companies.

According to the news, the packers and movers are now wasting no time to make the applications for the compulsory registration. If a company is not registered, then not only it will face a crackdown from the government officials but also their business will be permanently closed. Fearing that they will suffer a huge amount of loss, if their business is closed, the relocation service providers in the country are racing against the time to get themselves registered. It will also go on to enhance their reputation in the moving industry.

The relocation services in India are required to get their company registered according to the companies’ act 1956. If an individual is feeling suspicious related to the registration or reliability, then one can quite simply visit the nearby office of an RTO (Regional Transport Officer) and check the registration.

The registration in the moving industry is expected to bring transparency into the working of the packers and movers companies in India. This is because earlier the people used to suffer a lot of damage to their goods. This was primarily because if the company was not registered, then they faced a lot of difficulty in filing the cases against them.

Now, with the news of companies rushing to get the registration number, it will certainly kick out the fake moving companies from the market. The people will be able to get the high quality movers and packers services and have a trouble free moving experience.

The news also states that the customers must also be very much vigilant from their part and void dealing with the fraud moving companies. Several steps have been mentioned in the news to not to fall into the trap of the misleading companies. The customers have been strongly advised to verify the registration of the relocation companies they are planning to deal with, otherwise the security of their priceless belongings cannot be guaranteed at all.

So, keep an eagle’s eye into the registration number and set yourself free from the clutter of relocation worries.

Posted: 20th February 2018