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How to Rent Truck for Smooth Goods Shifting

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Renting a moving truck is no doubt one of the best ways to prevent yourself sometimes from the high relocation cost of the shifting companies. Just like you can hire a car for your daily use, you also have a facility to rent a truck to shift your valuable items anywhere locally or outside the region you are presently living in. If you had carried out some kind of research work for hiring packers and movers services, then it is imperative that you do the same for taking a truck on hire.

Here are some of the important things, which you may consider when it comes to availing truck hire services:

Estimate the Truck Size

The very first step that you are required to undertaken while renting a truck is estimating the size you actually require. The size of the vehicle that you need largely depends upon two pivotal factors, which are your home size and quantity of goods required to be shifted. The following truck size chart will help you a lot to determine right sized truck for your shifting:

  • 12 feet: small flat or 1-2 rooms of furniture
  • 17 feet: 2-3 room items
  • 24 feet: 3-4 room items

It is important that you make it a point to take a suggestion from the shifting company for the best size truck excellent for your relocation.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It certainly makes a great sense to hire a larger truck that what you have planned to hire in reality so that you can accommodate or load goods easily. This will also prevent you to making multiple trips and save money.

Truck Rental Cost

It is quite an obvious fact that the price you will be required to pay renting truck for shifting will more or less depend upon the size you need and distance of the new location where the goods are to be transported. The various other factors that constitute the truck hire costs are as follows:

  • Truck size
  • Distance where belongings have to be delivered
  • Exact number of days truck hire services will be required
  • Shifting time (Usually you require to pay extra if shifting is made during weekends or peak season)
  • Toll charges (if any)

Booking Truck in Advance

It is really important that you must book a shifting truck from packers and movers or other truck hire service providers in advance (at least two weeks before relocation) to make sure you do not experience any inconvenience on moving day. There are some essential details that will certainly provide handy will reserving a truck. These are as follows:

  • Destination
  • Shifting date
  • Kind of items you are relocating (furniture, glass items, kitchenware, etc)

You may also require paying some money in advance to the service providers for renting trucks. However, not many rental companies ask advance money.

Properly Inspect the Truck and Get Best Moving Insurance

DO NOT FORGET to inspect the truck 1-2 days before shifting. Make sure that the truck does not contain any holes because if relocation is made during rainy season, then the water may get through the holes and damage the items. Furthermore, get the right moving insurance so that you get a better compensation in case of any unfortunate incident like accident or damage.

Hence, it is crystal clear that truck renting is an ideal option, if you are shifting on a tight budget and want to relocate your items to new location without any damage or delay.

Author : Mukesh Singh

on 29th January 2016 - Moving Expert

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