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How to File a Complaint against Movers and Packers Company

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Millions of people moving each year within city and India or outside the country for prosperous growth utilize the services of packers and movers. There are many who are not happy with the services of the moving companies and have lots of complains. If you are also not getting the desired services, which was promised to you earlier, then it is important that you must file a complaint against the packers and movers to get a better compensation, if damage has been caused to your valuable belongings or delivery of items has been made late.

You should carry out a proper research work before making a complaint against a moving company. There are many types of common complaint that you may come across:

Types of common complaints

My Shipment was delayed or late: Make sure you take note of the date mentioned on bill. Your moving company should deliver your item on mentioned date otherwise you can ask for a compensation for delayed time, hotel stay and meal.  

My belongings are lost or damaged: There is high risk of goods getting damaged when you sent your belongings from one location to another location. Your household goods go through lots of luggage and travel before they reach final destination. If you notice something is damaged during the time of delivery, then don’t sign on bill or any papers.

I was over charged or extra charged for delivery: When you plan to hire movers and packers you should take an estimate from at least 3 moving companies to get a better idea about cost of your relocation. Movers and packers hold the customer goods hostage in truck and ask more money for delivery. You must be aware about type of estimates of a moving company and if they charge extra, then you can file complaint against them.

Note: You will be charged extra for any extra stair the moving company climbed to hand over the goods these charges you have to pay.

Who do I file complain with?

Resolve complaint against movers and packers directly

Proper Communication is must when you file complaint against the packers and movers. Resolve the complain by talking directly to moving company. It is one of the easiest ways to put an end to the disputes or arguments.

File complaint in consumer court

You can file an online complaint against the movers and packers in consumer court. When you file complaint you should have all the receipts and bills provided by them.

Write review of movers and packers

So many people are using internet and social media to hire the service of a moving company these days. If you write review against the movers and packers may be they will resolve your complaint as it will impact their business. If the problem is resolved, then you must remove the review.

Last and final is file complaint in legal court or police

If you did not get any satisfactory answer for your complaint, then you can file case in legal court and police for better solution. To file the case you need to hand over all receipts and bills provided by packers and movers. You should have receipts of actual item handed over to packers and movers and item delivery by moving company.

Tips to avoid the complaint

Get more than one estimate: You should take estimate from 3 to 4 packers and movers company to get better idea about services and cost.

Ask about extra cost: You must take written document that must not have any hidden cost

Check company review: Before hiring the company, you should see all online reviews posted by last served client that will give better idea about company service. 

Make sure they are licensed and registered: When you hire any packers and movers company, you should check the entire legal document. The company should be registered according to the Companies Act 1956.

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Author : Mukesh Singh

on 8th May 2015 - Moving Expert

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