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How to Know Posted Moving Reviews is Fake or True

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When we are checking the background of movers and packers companies, many send a proposal to hire the services. It’s a better way to research and find a professional and good service provider by reading the reviews provided by the satisfied and unsatisfied clients. Unfortunately, the moving companies are considered as a hub of scam and cheating. To misguide the client, these companies fabricate positive image by a fraudulent behavior. You may get influenced to see 10 or 20 bright reviews on these packing and moving companies’ websites. But sometimes these reviews are written by these companies themselves. Here question arises as an end user, how can you identify which one is a genuine mover with real reviews and which mover is a fake one?

Let us brief some points that will help you out to make the difference between real and false reviews.

Too Positive

Not every relocation company is perfect because the task of relocation involves plenty of risks. If you find all the reviews filled with compliments and positive, you can easily identify the words of the movers for instance, they are very professional, did a great job, very cheap, etc. If the reviews are taking many likes from the clients in terms of that the rates of the packing and moving company are cheap and services are incomparable, you definitely would become doubtful.

Too Descriptive reviews

The real clients will start their reviews with the moving details, briefing high points and low points by putting the relevant and important facts together. Fake reviews are always started with the moving process like I was searching for a professional company and then I contacted them and found them to be very professional. If you find such a sentence which is narrative, it’s a red flag as it could be fabricated for giving positive reviews.

Negative Reviews

Sometimes negative reviews are also fabricated and this type of thing is done by unprofessional movers and packers companies to crush their competitors.

Repetition Reviews Language

When you are reading multiple reviews, you see them repeating word by word or some story structure. Many of the fake reviews are written by some paid reviewer, so you can easily track the language style. If the company name is repeating in reviews, it means that it could be a red flag of a fake review. You can easily identify by putting yourself in language, “does it sound conversional or it’s sounding like it’s formulated for an advertisement purpose?”

What to Do

So you can more sure about the moving truth

See Multiple Sites and Read Reviews - Search multiple sites in order to read various reviews like, yahoo local answer,, and If you see most of the websites showing positive views about the moving company, then it is worth hiring.

Check the Companies Legal Credential - You should check all legal documents of the company before hiring the same like its registration certificate, etc.

Author : Mukesh Singh

on 1st December 2014 - Moving Expert


Very Well Said!! Reviews plays important role, but find the creditability is more important..

 Posted on 8th December 2014

Kishan singh

Today many moving companies are doing fraud and putting fake reviews on their own company profile so finding a reliable packers movers company becoming a tough job, but the above information is good, only genuine reviews can present a right picture of the company.

 Posted on 9th December 2014


Every one should know which are the real reviews and which are the fake.

 Posted on 21st January 2015


Really the credibility plays an important role we can ask the movers company to give us mobile number of one of their served client so we can ask him about their services..

 Posted on 26th February 2015

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